Peter Drucker is known to have said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Those who know me understand how committed I am to living that statement. That is not to say I don’t see value in strategy, it’s just that I understand the best strategy won’t deliver the desired outcomes if the culture isn’t in place to support it or drive its implementation. Many leaders talk about the importance of culture and some even take deliberate action to shape it. Over the years I have grown increasingly tired of people who talk about doing in favor of doing. I am part of a team that has our fair share of talkers, and we are blessed to have a growing population of Doers. A cadre of Doers partnered to develop this handbook in an effort to strengthen our team culture, tell our story, and attract more smart creatives to our team. We firmly believe that critical thinking, creative problem solving, and collective ownership can and must be core competencies across a military command, and any team for that matter.

If after you read it, you find that you’d like to join our team let us know by heading to If the book inspires you to write one for your team, please leave a comment or send me a note. Given my imminent transfer, my next leader got his hands on a copy and is excited to put pen to paper once I formally join my future team.

Note: Content developed in partnership with my Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command Teammates, formatting by my partners at Gaping Void.