make-the-leapThough I remain a work in progress, I am the product of great mentors who choose to take an interest in me.  The best way for me to demonstrate gratitude is to reciprocate by investing in the personal and professional development of others who are truly interested in realizing their potential.  If you are interested in growing as a leader, if you have a specific goal (long or short term) to which you are working, or if you’re just plain confused, I welcome the opportunity to help and remain committed to learning from, with, and through others who want more out of life.

As a proud Naval Officer, I make it a point to reflect on my good fortune.  In my 20 years of service, I have become increasingly interested in reaching out to the talent that surrounds us.  I am equally passionate about recruiting additional talent to OUR Navy. If you are a civilian interested in joining the Information Warfare and Cryptologic Community and/or the Information Dominance Corps, I am happy to assist you.  If you are an enlisted Sailor who may want to join the Officer ranks, I am happy to help you navigate the process.  If you are an Information Warfare Officer planning your next growth opportunity and deliberately plan your career, I am happy to share my thoughts and my network.

Coaching is a two way relationship and requires a mutual commitment from both parties.  I will remain committed for as long as it is clear that you are.

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