QOTD #38

When you see something out of place do you care enough to pick it up?

QOTD #37

What was the best idea you had this week?

QOTD #36

Are you ready for the next curveball life will undoubtedly throw you?

QOTD #35

When was the last time you called a friend for no reason at all?

last time

For the Last Time…

I love flipping the script on others and I thoroughly enjoy it when others do the same for me. Those of you who follow this blog have noticed that I am experimenting with a “Question of the Day” each weekday. I did the same via other social networks each weekday in 2014 and the response […]

QOTD #34

What will you say no to today?

QOTD #33

Do you really understand your organization’s vision and/or mission?

QOTD #32

How many protégés have you recruited of late?

QOTD #31

How many true mentors are you fortunate enough to have in your life?

QOTD #30

Are you helping others to become even better than you?

QOTD #29

Have you outgrown your current place of employment?

QOTD #28

Who is your hero?

blurred lines

Blurred Lines

In most organizations and especially in the military, clearly articulated roles and responsibilities are critical to enabling mission accomplishment. Authority, responsibility, and accountability are easy for all to see based on little more than an organizational chart. In fact, when trying to familiarize another with our team or an upcoming operation, the organizational chart is […]

QOTD #27

Today, how will you make it clear that you value another’s time?

QOTD #26

Are you working for the weekend or on the weekend?

QOTD #25

How will you ensure those around you laugh at least a little today?

QOTD #24

Is it more important for you to be right or to be happy?

QOTD #23

How different were your answers to #21 and #22?

QOTD #22

What is it that you truly need?

QOTD #21

What is it that you truly want?


Behind the Scenes

Each of us has a primary duty, a main effort, and a set of responsibilities. Many times we are not the only person executing tasks associated with each, but often times we are. The tasks we execute in support of our duties/responsibilities are usually visible to others and our ability to deliver outcomes is the […]

QOTD #20

When is the last time you made it obvious through actions that you aren’t right 100% of the time?

QOTD #19

What contribution of a teammate did you last celebrate?

QOTD #18

What is your favorite podcast?

QOTD #17

What recent accomplishment/contribution are you most proud of?

QOTD #16

Are you unintentionally/unknowingly holding your significant other and/or teammates back?

QOTD #15

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

QOTD #14

Who will you give reason to smile today?

QOTD #13

What will you do that scares you today?


Anchor Points

While driving with my son last week, we were in need of gas. We neared a gas station selling unleaded for $2.39 a gallon. As we drove right by, he asked why we didn’t stop. When I told him that it was too expensive, he reminded me that I had told him a few months back […]