Question of the Day #138

Forget grammar, are you living your life in the active or passive voice?

Question of the Day #137

What is the difference between wisdom and knowledge?

Question of the Day #136

What are you doing to develop your own character? How are you helping others to do the same?


Outside the Pool

This last weekend was the All-City Swim Meet and the culmination of my son’s third year of swimming on the neighborhood team. Three years ago he was unable to muster a legal version of three of the four strokes, this year he broke team records in all but breast stroke (to include the individual medley). […]

Question of the Day #135

Do you believe you are better than you are? Would others say you might be overly prideful?

Question of the Day #134

Do you believe that your talent alone is not enough to execute your responsibilities at home or at work?

Question of the Day #133

When was the last time you did something you were ashamed of? How did you grow from it?

Question of the Day #132

Have you spent the time to truly understand your character flaws?

Question of the Day #131

Would you say you spend more time pursuing pleasure or purpose?

Question of the Day #130

Are you spending your days doing things you truly believe in?

Question of the Day #129

When is the last time you thought, “That could have been me?” Stop giving yourself reason to think that!

Miss You

I’ll Miss You

The military life is not for everyone. It’s nomadic. It’s filled with separation from loved ones. It requires sacrifice by all involved. That is the case for many professions, but these characteristics are shared by all who wear the uniform (and the people who love them) to varying degrees. And per the calendar, it’s once again […]

Question of the Day #128

What was the most significant lesson you learned this week?

Question of the Day #127

Do you find that you learn more when you achieve goals or fall short?

Question of the Day #126

Are others more likely to consider you as self-effacing or self-promoting? How would you categorize yourself?

Question of the day #125

What does life want from you?

Question of the Day #124

Given the opportunity, what would you do during your encore?


Newport to Remember

It happened again, the Navy sent me to Newport, Rhode Island. They’ve been doing that every 3-5 years since I was commissioned. Those of you who have visited Newport will likely agree that it is an absolutely beautiful place. But when we reflect on our stay, each of us will undoubtedly remember Newport for different reasons. […]

Question of the Day #123

Humility – How important is it to you and your team?

Question of the Day #122

As we play to our strengths, are we equally committed to acknowledging and/or addressing our weaknesses?

Question of the Day #121

Will you preserve any time for ‘play’ today?

Question of the Day #120

Who are you becoming? How purposeful are you in shaping that evolution?

Question of the Day #119

How would you rate your performance this week?

Question of the Day #118

When did you most recently convince yourself it was OK to cheat…”just a little bit”?

Question of the Day #117

Are you more focused on what you are looking at or what you are looking for?


Candy Jar (Guest Post)

LT Jason Knudson is an Information Warfare Officer and member of the Chief of Naval Operations Rapid Innovation Cell. All comments are his and his alone and do not reflect the official position of the U.S. Navy. Sometimes inspiration comes when various experiences blend into one to create a new concept we had never thought […]

Question of the Day #116

Are you more focused on process or outcomes?

Question of the Day #115

How many high fives (literally or figuratively) did you give this week?

Question of the Day #114

Using your own definition of winning, are you truly prepared to win the day?

Question of the Day #113

What have you done to prepare for the detours that most certainly will occur today?