QOTD #74

Considering you have the lead role in your life, how big is your supporting cast?

QOTD #73

What is your life’s theme song?

QOTD #72

How willing are you to truly listen to and  consider opposing views?

QOTD #71

What do you consider to be your life purpose? How aligned is it with the way you will spend today?


Who Are You?

I have been a long believer that what we do as a profession and who we are as a person are two separate and distinct things. Sure we can make assumptions about who someone is based upon their chosen profession and sometimes we may even be right. I would imagine that each of us forms […]

QOTD #70

Of your many contributions, which will be remembered 10 years from now?

QOTD #69

What mistake are you most pleased you made?

QOTD #68

Of all the things you have done in your life, what are you most pleased about quitting?

QOTD #67

Why did or will you go to college? Was or will it be worth your time/money?

QOTD #66

What characteristics do you look for in a friend?


Solitude: Being Alone Makes You a Better Leader (Guest Post)

CDR Andy Newsome is an Information Warfare Officer, and is passionate about helping others. Andy is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, Naval War College and Naval Postgraduate School.  He has served and led in various capacities inside and outside of the Navy.  Andy loves spending time with family, classic cars, serving in the […]

QOTD #65

What was your most recent experiment?

QOTD #64

How big are your dreams?  What are you doing to realize them?

QOTD #63

What problem in your life is in the greatest need of being solved? What are you doing to solve it?

QOTD #62

What is your reputation?

QOTD #61

Do you spend more time on the urgent or the important?

QOTD #60

How unconsciously incompetent are you?

QOTD #59

What is your present-self doing to help ensure your future-self enjoys success?

QOTD #58

Is your present-self pleased with the decisions your past-self made?


Howdy, Partner!

Though far from an exhaustive list, the word partner can be used to describe a relationship between spouses, significant others, parents, friends, teammates, businesses, governmental organizations, or nations. The word speaks to an alliance where two or more partners agree to cooperate in order to advance mutual interests. Those interests may not always be 100% […]

QOTD #57

How would you describe the culture of your current team?

QOTD #56

Do you feel as though your work really matters?

QOTD #55

When was the last time you gave someone a standing ovation?

QOTD #54

What was the last thing you created? What will be the next?

QOTD #53

Are you more focused on being the most interesting person in the room or the most interested person in the room?


How Do You Feel?

I feel great! It’s been another wonderful week and I don’t know that I could be more content. I can’t tell you the specifics of everything I did, but I most certainly know how each experience made me feel. Don’t get me wrong, I know exactly what I did and I remember much of what […]

QOTD #52

Are you allowing your teammates to own the outcomes they are working to create?

QOTD #51

What is your definition of excellence?

QOTD #50

When it comes to truly achieving your goals, how prone are you to self-sabotage?

QOTD #49

How do you measure success?