Is It Worth It?

Life is full of questions and, clearly, there are far more questions than answers. Some people spend their lives in search of answers and others craft questions as a means of guiding their adventure. One of my favorite questions is, “Is it worth it?” It’s one of my favorites because it applies to any action […]


Raising the Floor

I am a big fan of Jahn Maxwell’s teachings. One of my favorite of the ‘laws’ of leadership he espouses is that of the ‘Law of the Lid.’ For those who are not familiar with the ‘Law of the Lid’, simply put, leadership ability is the lid that determines a person’s level of effectiveness. The […]


Shelf Life

Open your refrigerator or go into your pantry and take an inventory of all the products with an expiration date on them. Now check out any produce you have on the counter and assess how much longer they might be edible. In the pantry you will likely find that some things have a very short […]


Sliding Doors

I thoroughly enjoy making decisions. That might sound egotistical and give the appearance that I am someone consumed with power. To be clear, it’s not so much the act of decision making that excites me, it is the progress enabled by those decisions. And it’s not so much that I need to be the one […]


What’s Next?

What’s Next? It’s a question that I ask myself dozens of times throughout any given day. You see, I have an addiction. An addiction to progress. In my mind everything on my To Do List (or To Become List) that is not yet complete is that way for one of two reasons. I have yet […]


The Tenured Team

I am not an academic, but I feel as though I long ago reached the point of having tenure as a Naval Officer. Generally speaking, tenure is the right to hold a position for as long as you want to have it after meeting a longevity and performance standard requirement. As a military officer, once […]



I make more mistakes than I care to admit, though I am not afraid to admit them. In fact, last weekend I made a huge mistake when I rear-ended the car in front of me on the freeway. The seatbelts worked well and the airbags deployed as advertised…no one was hurt. My vehicle? Well that’s […]


(Un)Constrained by the Past

Last week is a week I’ll remember for quite a while. I engaged the week oriented entirely on the future. It was to start with an exciting decision about our future that we were to make as a team, followed by three speaking engagements with different tribes, each focused on a vision for the future, […]


Converging Paths: Doing and Being

Two weeks ago I had the privilege of being a member of a board that was charged with selecting our next crop of Commanding Officers. Just being among the team of 17 board members executing that important charter was an honor. The process was above reproach and the results were clearly in keeping with the precept. […]


Vacations: Being, Frequency, and Brothers

Vacations don’t come often in our house. Sure I take time off from work and, yes, we take trips away from our home, but rarely do we go on vacation in the truest form: an extended period of recreation, especially one spent away from home or in traveling. This last week we took a family […]

bubble popping


Bubbles make me smile. I enjoy blowing them every now and then. I like to see how big I can make them before they pop. It’s neat to see how far those bubbles that stay intact can fly before the environment absorbs them and they succumb. Sometimes, rather than see how far they can fly, […]


Ahead of the Curve

Life as a leader serving in the military is many things and it most definitely is a life of continual change. Truth is that it is this continual change that makes it so enjoyable. The opportunities we create change, the problems we get to solve are new at every turn, and the individuals who make […]

Question of the Day #365 (Last One)

Today marks the last Question of the Day. Thanks for playing along… What question have I failed to ask?

Question of the Day #364

What is the next experiment you will conduct?

Question of the Day #363

How are you attempting to connect with members of the generation ahead of you? The generation behind you?

Question of the Day #362

What characteristics do you find you value most in others? In yourself?

Question of the Day #360

What question have you been asking yourself the most lately?



I think we should [insert well articulated opinion here], “just a thought.” I’d love to give [insert new experience here] a try, but I’m “just [insert self-limitation here].” I recommend we [insert well thought out recommendation here], “just an idea.” I didn’t mean to [insert unfortunate effect here], I was “just kidding.” [insert passive aggressive […]

Question of the Day #359

How do you envision your retirement years?

Question of the Day #358

One year ago today: How different was your life then?

Question of the Day #357

Are you pushing yourself too hard? Not hard enough?

Question of the Day #356

Of all that you have worked to build during your lifetime, what makes you most proud so far?

Question of the Day #355

This time next year: How different will your life be?

Question of the Day #354

When was the last time you thanked someone for their example?

Question of the Day #353

Are you more focused on achieving your goals or helping others to achieve theirs?


Green Lights

Last week, my wife and I made a quick trip to Annapolis, Maryland to attend a Navy ceremony. And by quick trip, I mean that we were there for all of 15 hours. Once the ceremony concluded, we enjoyed a quick lunch at one of our favorite establishments and boarded our vehicle, where my first order […]

Question of the Day #352

What, if any, challenge are you facing that seems insurmountable?

Question of the Day #351

What is your #1 priority for the day, week, month, year?

Question of the Day #350

What is your biggest regret?

Question of the Day #349

What memory of yours fills you with the most emotion?