Teams and Tribes (Guest Post)

Lieutenant Kristen Wheeler is a proud prior enlisted Surface Warfare Officer. More than that she is a passionate leader and a phenomenal human being. A true talent magnet and multiplier with an eye for opportunity, I am pleased to be a part of what she fondly refers to as a shared tribe of fellow dancing bees… […]

Question of the Day #343

Is it obvious to your teammates how much you like/dislike your job?

Question of the Day #342

How much closer to achieving your dreams are you today when compared to a year ago?

Question of the Day #341

When was the last time you really felt over your head?

Question of the Day #340

Who in your life is the epitome of a team player?

Question of the Day #339

What is your personal philosophy?  This was my brother’s.  Happy Birthday, Broham!  We mis you!!

Question of the Day #338

What characteristics do you value most in a teammate?

Question of the Day #337

How are you sharing what you learn?


Failing Our Way to Success (Guest Post)

Not too long ago, I asked each Officer on our team to submit a short essay on a topic of their choice. Many good thought pieces were submitted and this one was ideally suited for this particular forum. Though the author has given permission to share his work, he has asked that I refrain from […]

Question of the Day #336

Are you creating a wake, making waves, or merely sitting idle?

Question of the Day #335

Who is the next mentor you’ll add to your Personal Board of Directors?

Question of the Day #334

What are you taking for granted?

Question of the Day #333

Are you allowing others to make fun a visible priority while at work?

Question of the Day #332

Does it appear to others that you enjoy what you do?


Red Pill Addiction

The Matrix – “You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” I am quick to acknowledge how incredibly fortunate I have been in my career as […]

Question of the Day #331

Have you found your tribe? Are you allowing your tribe to find you?

Question of the Day #330

Are you working to outgrow your current position or are you allowing it to outgrow you?

Question of the Day #329

When did you most recently hear, “Thank you for investing in me”? When will you next say the same to someone else?

Question of the Day #328

What information do you consume each morning to set the tone for the day?

Question of the Day #327

Which of your daily rituals has helped you the most over the years?

Question of the Day #326

Which of your habits is most deserving of change?

Question of the Day #325

Are the things you do everyday more important than the things you do every once in a while?


Divide and Partner

Like many, I most certainly enjoy being entertained. My wife finds it funny that one of the quickest ways to grab my attention and inspire a genuine laugh is to show me a video with talking animals. Works every time…simple things. Another guilty pleasure of mine is listening to others demonstrate their command of idioms […]

Question of the Day #324

Is your future self going to be pleased with the next decision you make?

Question of the Day #323

Busy? Are you doing too many things or the wrong things?

Question of the Day #322

Is it possible to make progress without making decisions?

Question of the Day #321

Look around your organization: Do you see people who work together or do you see a team?

Question of the Day #320

How open are you to possibility?

it was what it was

It Was What It Was

I like to pay close attention to the words others use when they communicate. I am most in tune with prepositions and pronouns, and firmly believe we can tell a great deal about how a person sees himself and the world around him by counting the I/We, Us/Them, and For/With ratios. I also enjoy seeing […]

Question of the Day #319

What will you create today?