QOTD #58

Is your present-self pleased with the decisions your past-self made?


Howdy, Partner!

Though far from an exhaustive list, the word partner can be used to describe a relationship between spouses, significant others, parents, friends, teammates, businesses, governmental organizations, or nations. The word speaks to an alliance where two or more partners agree to cooperate in order to advance mutual interests. Those interests may not always be 100% […]

QOTD #57

How would you describe the culture of your current team?

QOTD #56

Do you feel as though your work really matters?

QOTD #55

When was the last time you gave someone a standing ovation?

QOTD #54

What was the last thing you created? What will be the next?

QOTD #53

Are you more focused on being the most interesting person in the room or the most interested person in the room?


How Do You Feel?

I feel great! It’s been another wonderful week and I don’t know that I could be more content. I can’t tell you the specifics of everything I did, but I most certainly know how each experience made me feel. Don’t get me wrong, I know exactly what I did and I remember much of what […]

QOTD #52

Are you allowing your teammates to own the outcomes they are working to create?

QOTD #51

What is your definition of excellence?

QOTD #50

When it comes to truly achieving your goals, how prone are you to self-sabotage?

QOTD #49

How do you measure success?

QOTD #48

With whom will you make it point to connect today?

QOTD #47

What personal activity is most worthy of you quitting?

QOTD #46

What project are you most excited about lately?


Leading Where We Want

I’m guilty. I didn’t necessarily bring myself up on charges, but as my own personal jury and judge in the self-aware court of law, I found myself guilty as charged. Guilty of spending too much time leading where I wanted and not enough where I was needed. Last week my Shipmate from another Service, or […]

QOTD #45

What aspect of your life do you measure most frequently?

QOTD #44

How positive is the energy you bring with you as you enter each room?

QOTD #43

How many times will you be given reason to say “You are Welcome” today?

QOTD #42

When was the last time you cared enough to genuinely apologize for something?

QOTD #41

What will you make time to truly think about today?

QOTD #40

When was the last time a subordinate cared enough and felt comfortable enough to let you know how you were falling short?

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 7.45.45 PM

What Will You Command?

Even at the earliest stages in our career, Naval Officers are taught that we should aspire to Command. Joint Pub 1-02 defines Command as… The authority that a Commander in the Military Service lawfully exercises over subordinates by virtue of rank or assignment. Command includes the authority and responsibility for effectively using available resources and for planning […]

QOTD #39

What is it that you aspire to Command?

QOTD #38

When you see something out of place do you care enough to pick it up?

QOTD #37

What was the best idea you had this week?

QOTD #36

Are you ready for the next curveball life will undoubtedly throw you?

QOTD #35

When was the last time you called a friend for no reason at all?

last time

For the Last Time…

I love flipping the script on others and I thoroughly enjoy it when others do the same for me. Those of you who follow this blog have noticed that I am experimenting with a “Question of the Day” each weekday. I did the same via other social networks each weekday in 2014 and the response […]

QOTD #34

What will you say no to today?