The Mirror is Telling

I have the pleasure of speaking with and to each new Information Warfare Officer via video-teleconference (VTC). This is an opportunity I was afforded based purely on geography in my last job (I served as the Commanding Officer of a Command that shared the same base as the class) and a relationship that sustains based […]

Declaration of Interdependence

We recently celebrated our Nation’s independence last week on the 4th of July. It was a glorious celebration that should remind even the unpatriotic of how fortunate we are to enjoy the freedoms that we do. I took the opportunity to re-read the document that was ratified on the same date 248 years ago, the Declaration […]

Best Athlete

When a professional sports team drafts athletes to join their team, there are multiple strategies. Some choose to draft the “best athlete” available, others draft a player based on perceived potential, others draft individuals that have specific talent that will fill a specific need, and still others make character a deliberate part of the equation. Clearly, there […]

Going Home

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of going back to my home town, Pleasanton, California. The purpose of the visit was to present a scholarship in my brother’s memory to a deserving member of Amador Valley High School’s Class of 2014. My parents and I did just that, but that wasn’t all that we […]

Just Passing Through

I like to think that there is reason behind everything we do.  It is true that sometimes I try harder than I should to identify the reason, and sometimes we aren’t able to see the reason until long after the activity.  There is a reason why we get up in the morning; there is a reason […]