QOTD #92

How do you feel about bureaucracy? What are you doing about it?

QOTD #91

What have/will you built/build from nothing?


Better as a Memory

Last week during what was a wonderful visit from my parents, we enjoyed many adventures – Smithsonian, house hunting for our pending move, and general exploration which often included eating. Near the end of their stay we went out to a Cuban restaurant that none of us had previously been. My mom had a meal […]

QOTD #90

What are you doing that you shouldn’t be?

QOTD #89

What aren’t you doing that you should be?

QOTD #88

What one word are others most likely to use when describing you? How would you describe yourself in one word?

QOTD #87

Who is the MVP of your team?

QOTD #86

How often might others accuse you of leaning too far forward?

QOTD #85

How prominent is fun in your workplace?

QOTD #84

When was the last time you took public responsibility for being wrong?



Every morning when I leave my house I drive by this one vehicle. It’s had a broken window for as long as I can remember. Though the condition of the window hasn’t changed in a long time, the color of plastic that covers the hole changes frequently and with each application the owner delays the permanent fix in […]

QOTD #83

When you look back one year from now, what are you better at now? What were you better at then?

QOTD #82

Where will you find inspiration today?

QOTD #81

Are you more likely to point out things that are broken or do something to fix them yourself?

QPTD #80

Body language matters: What does yours say about you?

QOTD #79

Are you prepared to enjoy or simply endure the day?

QOTD #78

It’s Friday! Are you happier because your work week might be coming to a close or because you have specific plans this weekend?


The Satisfaction Bar

Last weekend was yet another one spent at the swimming pool. I must admit I enjoy weekends like that. My wife and I get to spend time talking with each other and the many other great people supporting those in the water. And we get to see our son push himself to new heights doing […]

QOTD #77

When was the last time you reached out to a friend who might be in need and offered your ear?

QOTD #76

Would the people in your life describe you as a ME player or a WE player?

QOTD #75

When is the next time you will be bold enough to engage in an exchange fully believing you will be rejected?

QOTD #74

Considering you have the lead role in your life, how big is your supporting cast?

QOTD #73

What is your life’s theme song?

QOTD #72

How willing are you to truly listen to and  consider opposing views?

QOTD #71

What do you consider to be your life purpose? How aligned is it with the way you will spend today?


Who Are You?

I have been a long believer that what we do as a profession and who we are as a person are two separate and distinct things. Sure we can make assumptions about who someone is based upon their chosen profession and sometimes we may even be right. I would imagine that each of us forms […]

QOTD #70

Of your many contributions, which will be remembered 10 years from now?

QOTD #69

What mistake are you most pleased you made?

QOTD #68

Of all the things you have done in your life, what are you most pleased about quitting?

QOTD #67

Why did or will you go to college? Was or will it be worth your time/money?