My current job affords me the opportunity to travel to distant lands, experience new things, and meet lots of interesting people. In fact, last month I had the privilege of bouncing around the west coast, Alaska, Hawaii, and a few stops in the Pacific Rim. Each stop was very different, yet each was very similar. The […]

Lift Operators

In a world of scarcity, we often speak of trade-offs, a tit for a tat, a quid for a quo, and finding the right balance. In a world of abundance we don’t think in terms of or; we look for and. I’ve long cringed when I hear the term, “Work-Life balance”, as I prefer “work-play alignment.” […]


Having recently had an opportunity to engage with some esteemed academic leaders, I must admit that I am simultaneously envious and grateful. Envious of their opportunity to be a professional THINKer and grateful for the things about which I am afforded the opportunity to think. Now I have never been a fan of school. A […]

Recruiting Culture

I am a big college football fan. I don’t identify with a specific team or school in part because I enjoy the pageantry and traditions that span campuses across the nation. I’ve had the good fortune of seeing big games in big venues, with my most recent being an amazing experience at Auburn University…WAR EAGLE! […]


Anyone who is familiar with the Star Wars movies is likely even more familiar with the little green Jedi master, Yoda. If you’re anything like me, just the mention of the individual who had a hand in training nearly every Jedi gives me reason to blurt out, “Do or do not. There is no try.” […]