Loyalty Down

Loyalty is amongst the most valued characteristics between friends, family, teammates, and co-workers. In fact, I submit that a relationship is virtually meaningless without it. Each of us wants to know that we can count on others when we need them…and even when we don’t. I have the pleasure of working with and for some […]

Midlife Certainty

The term “midlife crisis” became part of our vocabulary in the mid-1960s as a means of describing a time in life where adults begin to truly realize that we are mortal and that our life may be more than halfway over. ¬†On the surface and despite the inclusion of the term “crisis”, it’s a very […]

Awards Worth Having

Whether it be a simple thank you, a trophy, monetary compensation, or something else, we all appreciate being recognized for a job well done. Personally, a simple thank you or congratulations is more than ample for me. After all, the boost of serotonin that accompanies a sense of accomplishment feels really good. And for some […]

Helicopter Leadership

A military is able to project power through mere presence, the police often maintain order and nearly always alter behavior just by being within our field of view, and odds are our children act a little differently when their parents are with them. But what happens when presence becomes expected and evolves into the standard? […]

I Hope This Works…

Though my personal interest in video games disappeared long ago, my son considers the time he spends playing them amongst his favorite. As a means of connecting with him and experiencing this aspect of his world, my wife and I were recently watching him play. Admittedly, my wife does this far more often than I […]